Tribute to Diana Wynne Jones

On March 26, 2011, the world lost a brilliant author to cancer. I’d never been so devastated to hear about the passing of a person I didn’t know. Every year, the news features celebrities who pass away and yes, I was saddened to hear about Brittany Murphy and Micheal Jackson and others.

But Diana Wynne Jones was different. When I heard about her, I called my mother just so I could tell someone how much I have always loved her since the first time I picked up one of her books in middle school.

She had the ability to create new worlds and describe them in such a way that it melded in right with our own world. She didn’t just write about magic. She made magic. But the best thing was her innate storyteller’s voice. It sucked you right into the story and had you walking alongside the character’s as they went about their lives.

Diana was born in 1934 in London and published several novels, short stories, collections, series, and plays for both children and young adults. Her book, Howl’s Moving Castle (which I absolutely adore) was turned into a movie by Hayao Miyazaki (another artist I admire). In 2007, she received the World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement.

Diana Wynne Jones, you are greatly missed and will always be ardently admired.


4 responses to “Tribute to Diana Wynne Jones

  1. I was JUST telling someone recently about how my favorite book growing up was Charmed Life by Diana Wynne Jones! Have you read it? It’s wonderful. I mean, as I recall. I probably last read it twenty years ago.

    • You know, I have yet to read the Crestomanci books. It’s on my list for this summer! My personal favorite is The Dark Lord of Derkholm which I still go back to every year (and I’m hoping to do a post on her books soon.)

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