Salt and Pepper Bridge

In continuation from yesterday’s post Along the Charles River, here’s another picture I took and edited last year. This is of the Longfellow Bridge nicknamed the “Salt and Pepper Bridge” because the tower structures resemble salt and pepper shakers. Parts of the water’s surface was covered in sheets of ice.

I also just read an article in saying the bridge is going to undergo a makeover that will include dismantling and rebuilding the towers. Hope the builders preserve the shaker shapes!


4 responses to “Salt and Pepper Bridge

  1. I am sure that they won’t change the shape of the salt and pepper towers. It will most definitely have to go through landmarks (if it has been marked as one) before anything can be officially changed and they are normally pretty strict on changing historical structures. Nice photo by the way, looks like was taken by a pro.

    • Ooh that makes sense. The article does say that they’re going to dismantle the towers and rebuild them around steel frames. So I guess that means the exterior will stay the same. I don’t know too much about architecture.

      And thank you! That means a lot!!! 🙂

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