Along the Charles River

Last spring, a friend of mine invited me to an MIT walking tour along the Charles River–Cambridge side. I had borrowed my dad’s DSLR camera for the semester and figured I’d have fun with it. I am in no way a professional photographer and these pictures  are my first Photoshop attempts to make “postcards.” I’ll post them sporadically. Here’s the first one:


10 responses to “Along the Charles River

  1. PRETTY! Not sure I like the font cause the spacing with the ‘t’ and the ‘o’ is Boston, but that’s a nice picture. Nice composition and color contrast. Its kinda cool too how it’s not something you would normally picture in your image of Boston. 🙂

  2. Oh yes that makes sense. It’s like Bost on. Haha. Will look out for that next time. Thanks!

    I didn’t even realize it’s not typical Boston! But there you have it. 🙂 The boat was just sitting there all depressed and broken, wanting attention on that cold day. So I had to give it some.

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    • *bows* I really appreciate it! Especially since I’m a novice. I wish I could keep my dad’s DSLR and learn to use all it’s functions.

  4. I thought your writing was excellent, but your photography skills are too! Or are they photoshop skills? Haha.

    • Haha. I’m a skilled person overall! Thanks tho. I’m only a novice at both photography and photoshop (tho I recently took a brief intro to photoshop workshop!)

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